Happy Monday!
Sorry I have neglected you all for the past week, work has gotten the best of me, but I am back in action! I hope you all had a great weekend, I am literally busting at the seams, I have two important announcements and I cannot wait to tell you, so here it goes!
So, this past weekend, after dating for two years, moving in with each other and living together, traveling together, spending holidays together, the whole nine yards... I can finally announce that one of my best friends is engaged! 
I'm one of those people who dies a little inside from excitement every time I hear something great has happened to one of my closest friends. I am so giddy and happy for Julie, I can remember when my husband proposed to me and it was such a special moment that I will never forget. 
I met Julie through my husband and we instantly hit it off, with a love for design, and similar tastes in jewelry and purses, as well as fashion, we were meant to be friends! Julie was my mistress of ceremonies in my wedding, and since day one, we have been obsessing over Julie's future engagement ring to her wedding dress to her invitations, the list goes on and on... So you can imagine how excited we both were when I finally got "the call" from Julie about being engaged!
So, future Mrs. Wampler, I am beyond happy for you, my heart is literally overflowing with joy for you and Jason. We officially can stop texting each other pictures of engagement rings that we are currently swooning over, and we can stop guessing when Jason will act like he's interested in proposing. You will make such a stunning bride, I can't wait to see you on your wedding day! 
And now for my shameless plug, Julie is a huge foodie, and author of the food blog Table for Two, you can visit her blog here : , she has some amazing recipes, so stop by and give her some love!
Julie-- I'm so happy for you! Congrats mama!

For my second announcement, I'm very excited to launch a new part of my blog:
I have been asked by people if I am available to design logos, headers, business cards, postcards, buttons, etc, and I can now say YES! I am launching a new addition to my blog called The Pink Elephant Designs! Click the link at the top of my page to view my portfolio & for more information! I'm currently working with Emily from Derng, you can visit her etsy shop HERE -- I am dying over all of her jewelry, and so happy she is allowing me to work with her. I will be giving away one of her pieces in a future giveaway so stay tuned! Emily's jewelry sells fast, so go get some now!
If you are interested in working with the pink elephant designs, please contact me at, for more information! 
I also now have a button! Feel free to grab it! :)


  1. oh my're so sweet. holy crap that graphic is so gorgeous!! i'm saving it on my phone!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! and I'm so excited for your design project on the pink elephant!! you're so talented!! thank you so much again!!!

  2. Can't wait to work with you Em!!

  3. I love all of this. I am reading this blog in complete and utter excitement!! So happy for Julie. I lovvvve when a good friend gets engaged, married, expecting. Ahh pure bliss!! I am also one of Pink Elephant's biggest fans and oh yes that button will be grabbed!

  4. this is too exciting em! :] congrats on your launch -- i knew that you were thinking about it! you are so talanted. & congrats to Julie, what a wonderful feeling i am sure! xx.

  5. Ahh so happy for your friends!! Congrats on the launch of pink elephant designs! How exciting :) xo


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