Happy Thursday everyone! I'm so happy to have another one of my sponsor guest posts today!
Nicholl is such a kind person, and we hit it off right from the start!
When she contacted me about guest posting and proceeded to send me an entire post about elephants, I knew we'd be friends. I hope you all enjoy her elephant post!


Hi ya'll! I am Nicholl and I blog over at Nicholl Vincent  and I am so excited to be guest posting for Emily! She is such an open, welcoming and sweet blogger. I know you guys agree! When I first found her blog, I was drawn by the name, Pink Elephant. Of course, the fact that I have been on an elephant craze lately might have factored in my obsession with this blog. I love elephants for several reasons: They are so cute! Just sweet, big and loving. They are also so strong. Something about being that strong and undefeatable, yet so sweet speaks to me. Elephants also make the best decorating pieces, and statement pieces in clothing and accessorizing.I compiled some of my favorite ways to wear and decorate with the large mammal.
Where's the elephant you ask..look closer. It's the coffee table. This is me melting...
Elephant tea pot! I'd drink a ton of tea..get it? okay....

I think Emily would like this one..a pink elephant ring!

And doesn't it just look lovely on?

If I find this wallpaper, I feel for my husband. He's going to be seeing elephants on the ceiling.

This purse is perfection.
And if you're a more subtle person, these earrings are right up your alley!
There it is. I take full responsibility for turning you onto this obsession. You will now look for elephants everywhere you go, dream about them, and if you're that far out there, you will talk about elephants nonstop. And hey, it's really okay. Thank you Emily for letting me share this with your fabulous followers, and for more elephant love, house projects, fashion doses and adventures, check me out here!!!
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  2. this elephant stuff is so cute, esp those earrings! & love that elephant tea pot!


  3. I love everything elephants!

  4. love this!! great round up Nicholl!!


  5. Bahah that tea pot is adorbs. My best friend is an elephant lover too. We once counted all of the little elephant statues in her tiny apartment and counted about 26. CRAZY. Speaking of adorable, I'm lovinggg your blog and the design. So classy and girly :) Would you like to follow each other love? Let me know!

    Lady Million

    1. haha that's awesome! love fellow elephant lovers.

  6. How cuuuute! I love elephants and those bracelets are so adorable! New follower :)

  7. So adorable! I am obsessed with the elephant side table!


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