I'm starting a new weekly theme for my posts on Thursdays. It's all about the three things I'm obsessing over at the moment. Here is this week's list... 

I'm loving the smell of apples + cinnamon + cloves simmering on the stove. Thanks for the recipe, Pinterest!

The early signs of fall. I love seeing all the leaves changing! (not to mention it's been insanely cold here, 41 degrees this morning!)

 And lastly, these are definitely on my three things I'm obsessed with. Behold the mother-load of amazing goodies I've scored recently. 

What are you currently obsessing over?


  1. Buying an apple cinnamon candle has been on my to do list because it's such a perfect scent for Fall! What is the recipe you used? I'm also loving all of your new jewelry!

  2. I'm loving all these things, too! Especially the smell of apples + cinnamon!

  3. I want everything in that last pic! Such cute stuff.

  4. love these photos emily! such great shots :] & the smell of apple + cinnamon sounds fabulous. def gets you in the mood for this fall weather! & love your jewels, so pretty. just ordered a whole bunch of bubble necklaces, wasn't sure if i wanted to join in on the trend, but i did! ha :]

    oh & love the new series!

    happy thusday!

  5. These pictures are amazing!! Love this new series your starting, such a great idea :) so glad u found the nail polish, it's so pretty! Hope you have a great day!


  6. Um. Yah. I'd say you've definitely scored lately.

  7. That last picture is perfect. Accessories and beauty products in one. I'm loving that fall is coming. I love fall as much as the rest of the blogging world. I just forgot for a bit.


Thank-you for your comments, they brighten my day! x

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