Happy Thursday! The work week is almost over, thank goodness.
Here is this week's three things:

I need this star for my house. Being Dallas Cowboys fans, I feel like I see stars all the time, and I'm swooning over this massive one. If you know where I can get one like this, let me know!

I am such a celeb gossip junkie. Behold thirty-five dollars worth of gossip. Ridiculous right?

And lastly, here is my sweet little nephew. My sister just had him less than a month ago, and I already miss him so much. Oh, the joys of living three hours away from your family. Isn't he the sweetest?!



  1. he is adorable!!!! love the mags - similar to my stack hha

  2. I'm a celeb gossip junkie too girl - especially with our crazy housewives! I watch E news everyday at lunch in our work breakroom.

  3. your nephew is beautiful emily! + i have a million magazines to read with absolutely zero time! ha


  4. your nephew is adorable. congrats! i am also a huge dallas cowboys fan...and a dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team addict! have you watched it? we also read the same mags haha i literally had the best find of my life the other week ago...found a link for free subscriptions to ok and us weekly. free gossip in my mailbox every week. it was a miracle lol! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  5. You can get stars like this at Hobby Lobby! I'm not sure if they are this big but are a good size for inside your house.


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