Yesterday this box was on my door step, it was a surprise package from Influenster!
It had the latest line from Palmolive, their Fresh Infusions. I received all three scents: Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil + Ginger White Tea. 

I am such a dish washing detergent snob. I am a Mrs. Meyer's kinda gal.. all the way. 
I love all of Mrs. Meyer's scents, and I love how clean my dishes get from those products. However, I think Palmolive might give Mrs. M a run for her money. These soaps smell so good, and have the trusty cleaning power of traditional Palmolive. My favorite scent is the Lemon Thyme, it's the perfect amount of citrus. If you haven't already purchased these, I would highly recommend them. (not to mention they are budget friendly!)


Disclaimer: I received these products to review for free from Influenster. These are my own thoughts, opinion, and photo. If you would like to receive and review products from Influenster, ask me how! 


  1. The scents they offer sound so refreshing! I love trying new things, and would love to try Influenster. THANKS!



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