Okay, so maybe the title should be Emily wishes Kendra meets Essie. I'm sure you all have heard about the collaboration between Baublebar and Essie, if you haven't you really are missing out. Well, I was thinking, "why don't all major jewelry companies do a collab with a fabulous nail polish line?" Which led to another thought, "why isn't Kendra Scott allll over this?" (nevermind legalities, and business contracts, just get on it Kendra!) 
If you haven't heard of Kendra Scott, you're also missing out, like missing out a lot more than the Baublebar + Essie situation. Kendra Scott is seriously the mecca of jewelry. Essie is mecca of nail polish colors, so naturally the two go hand-in-hand. Genius idea right? 
Above are some of my favorite Essie colors and Kendra pieces. I really want the Sommer ring in every single color, it's such an amazing statement piece. I also love the Delilah earrings, especially in that killer cobalt color. Isn't the Eliza cuff is gorgeous, perfectly paired with tart deco? I love a good coral color!
What do you think of the Kendra + Essie collaboration? What other designers would you like to see work together? 

Have a great Thursday friends! x


  1. I am OBSESSED with this blue! I need it!

  2. I have not heard about this, but this is great! The jewelry and color pairings are to die for <3

  3. That top Essie shade is so pretty–I want it!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Um... this needs to happen. Loving these colors!

  5. We love this idea of collaborating with a nail polish line! We will have to add this to our wish list of future ideas. Thank you so much for the feature and shout out, glad to see that you are such a KS fan!

    -Kendra's Style Team

  6. love this idea! kendra scotts jewelry is fabulous :) xo


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